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About Us

I have been performing paintless dent repair (PDR) since 2002 and before that I spent the previous 25 plus years in the auto body industry. Most of that time was spent in my own shop.  I guess you can say that fixing the body's of cars has kind of been my life.

I was first introduced to PDR at my own bodyshop and I quickly became intrigued with the process. After a lot of thought and discussions with the technician that serviced my shop I decided it was time to learn this trade.  Probably the biggest thing for me was the fact that a true paintless repair was much more like a time machine, than the traditional body repair methods I had been using my whole life.  Paintless dent removal quickly became an obsession for me. I spent countless hours trying to perfect my craft. Now, over 13 years later, I'm not only continuing to perfect my craft but I am pushing the limits of what is possible with PDR.

I can't wait to talk to you about your damage. My job is making people happy, I can't wait to repair your car for you.